New Children's Book Published February 14, 2019


By Anise Flowers and Ron Flowers

Illustrated by Kendra Bordelon


This book is narrated by a little boy named Ron who is learning about mindfulness at school.  Mindfulness, attention to the present moment, has many benefits such as increasing attention, decreasing stress, and promoting emotional well-being.  Throughout the book, Ron learns about the various mindfulness practices of the other children who live on his street.  Sometimes awareness of the moment can be a quiet practice done sitting or lying down.  At other times, mindfulness may be an active practice through movement or daily activities.  At the end of the book, Ron concludes that he wants to try out some new ways to practice mindfulness.  The authors hope this book will serve as a guide to provide young children with a variety of methods for practicing awareness. This book should help children incorporate mindfulness practices into daily life.